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Do you have unused space outside your business and are looking for affordable parking lot paving in Palatine, IL? Hot Rocks Paving LLC has what you need. We are a professional and friendly parking lot paving business that specializes in asphalt installation and concrete installation for residential and commercial grounds. After being in the parking lot paving business for 20 years, we have helped many people get the parking lot they needed and did it all for a low cost that you cannot find anywhere else.

In addition to installing new parking lots, we offer blacktop parking lot striping and restoration that includes resurfacing and patching. We understand how important it is to keep your place of business' outside looking good for guests and that is why our contractors take their time to do a job that will exceed all of your expectations. When we are finished, you will have the parking lot you hoped for and it will fit the number of guests you planned.

Our parking lot paving service is affordable for a reason. We want you to come back to us any time you need any type of asphalt or concrete pavement installed or restored. You will get high-quality service that you can afford no matter how many times you book us, and you will never have to worry about breaking the bank. We remain true to our words when we say that repeat customers are more important to us than making an over-the-top profit.

Watch your asphalt parking lot look amazing with service from Hot Rocks Paving LLC in Palatine, IL. We guarantee you will be satisfied with the service process and the results!

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